Art Monterastelli


Art is a writer/filmmaker with over 25 years experience in the film and television business. He's written over 40 hours of episodic TV, produced over 150 hours, and has created two television series: 'Peaceable Kingdom' and 'Total Recall.' His feature credits include the Paramount thriller 'The Hunted,' which he wrote and co-produced and the last 'Rambo' feature, which he co-wrote with Sylvester Stallone. He's also developed and written several mini-series for HBO, including 'Raw Power: The Sidney Korshak Story' and 'Rampart,' based on LAPD's infamous Rampart scandal. He Executive Produced the documentary 'No Subtitles Necessary: Laszlo and Vilmos' based on the lives and extraordinary friendship of Laszlo Kovacs and Vilmos Zsigmond, which was nominated for a 2010 Emmy award, and is in the process of editing the political documentary 'Electioneering,' based on extensive interviews, news-footage, and reportage from the last three Democratic National Conventions.

He attended the University Wisconsin-Parkside and San Francisco State University where he graduated with an honors degree in English Literature. His short fiction has appeared in several publications and anthologies, including 'The Pacific Review' and 'The Vintage/Black Lizard Anthology of Crime Fiction.' In addition to his many writing producing credits he also wrote and directed the award-winning short film 'Working Stiffs,' directed the final episode of the television series 'High Incident,' and directed the documentary 'Electioneering.'


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