Jason Bourque (کارگردان | نویسنده | تهیه کننده)


Over the last decade, Jason Bourque has written and directed a wide variety of award-winning TV movies, series and documentaries, as well as over 60 commercials, short films and music videos. In 2007 Jason co-wrote and co-directed the theatrical documentary "Shadow Company". An in-depth look into the private military industry, the festival hit was reviewed favorably in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Variety and has been used as a teaching tool for the US Senate. In 2008, Jason's documentary "Dreams of Flight" received multiple Leo nominations and won "Best Arts Documentary". Jason co-directed "Darwin's Brave New World" for CBC and ABC Australia, an award-winning docu-drama series shot in five countries. "Music For Mandela", his latest feature documentary to hit the festival circuit, won the People's Choice Award at the Amnesty International Film Festival.One of the most prolific genre screenwriters on the west coast, Jason has written over twenty produced scripts in the last seven years with several high-profile projects slated for 2016. As a script doctor and ghost writer, he has worked on theatrical films with budgets up to 40 million. Recently Jason served as executive story editor and writer (2 episodes) on the new high-octane thriller series "Insomnia" for Infinity Entertainment. ("Capote", "Push").In 2014, Jason's feature "Black Fly" (writer/director) premiered at VIFF and received nominations for Best Canadian Film and Best BC Film as well as 10 Leo Award nominations. It won for Best Male Lead Actor (Matthew McCaull) and Best Sound Editing in a feature. Recent accolades include Best Feature at the Arizona Underground Film Festival. "Black Fly" has been followed by a string of seven back-to-movies including the thrillers "A Mother's Instinct" and "The Wrong Girl" for Lifetime. Upcoming projects for 2016 include the feature "Incursion".


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