Suzanne Sumner Ferry (بازیگر | تهیه کننده | دستیار کارگردان)


Suzanne Sumner Ferry is an American actress/producer/author from Los Angeles, CA. She started acting after being inspired by watching her actor son Carson Ferry's acting workshops, but it had always been a strong desire of hers, evident in numerous high school theatrical productions she was involved with in her earlier years. She is also author of two books: "Corinna the Christmas Elf" (2006; Tate Publishing Enterprises) and "The Day the Stars Stood Still: A Memoir about Logan Fleming, the Former Top Wax Artist at Movieland Wax Museum" (2009; BearManor Media).Suzanne Sumner Ferry is also the second cousin of late actress/singer/starlet Kathryn Elisabeth Grayson from Winston-Salem, NC. She is writing a biography about Kathryn Grayson.Her two children, Carson Ferry and McKenna Ferry, also act. Her niece Kara Boger and nephew Evan Boger also are actors. Suzanne lives with her husband Mike Ferry and children in Southern California.


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