Castillos de cartón   (۲۰۰۹)

۱ ساعت و ۳۴ دقیقه | درام
  • ۵.۸/۱۰
  • ۰/۱۰
  • نمره بده
خلاصه داستان

In an attempt to help his friend with his impotence, Jaime sets up two friends together. But after the failure, he comes in to help. What first appeared to be just a sexual experience evolves to a full romantic relationship of 3 people.

کارگردان: Salvador García Ruiz

نویسنده: Almudena Grandes ، Enrique Urbizu

بازیگران: آدریانا اوگارته ، Nilo Mur ، Biel Duran , بیشتر ...


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